dimanche 9 mars 2008

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  1. You know we have the relative of that bass fahiermsn here in Florida running a green skiff. He is infamous in the Highbridge area we find snook. His worst run in with us was a group of 6 of us yak fishing a tidal run from both banks. There were partially submerged trees there and nice depth holding the snook. This clown comes right between us maybe 10 feet from the sand bank guys in our group and tosses a cast net right into the center of the hole. Acted as if we were not even there. Then he just cranked up and off he went. He has also blown out flats by motoring through them and even motored past out guys in narrow channels blowing out the area for hours. He is totally clueless. Rox, it's sad to know those goofs are everywhere. Anyway you had a great tourney and went home having caught some fish. Not a bad way to end the day.